Associated Illinois Milk, Food and Environmental Sanitarians


Membership Information

AIMFES membership is available to all individuals, commercial companies and other organizations interested in the goals of our association. Membership is available in the following ways:

Individual membership - $10.00 per year through the International Association for Food Protection or directly through the AIMFES treasurer. Benefits of membership includes mailed programs and the AIMFES newsletter.

Associate membership - $30.00 per year through the AIMFES treasurer. Associate membership includes the company membership and one individual representative of the company. The company receives a certificate for display and the company name is included in mailed programs and newsletters. The company name is also listed on the AIMFES website.  If you would like your company name linked to your website, please include your website address on your membership application.

Retired membership - $5.00 per year through the AIMFES treasurer. Retired membership is an individual membership for the retired associates of our organization.

Honorary membership - Lifetime membership bestowed upon an individual for distinguished achievement or service to the Association or its purposes.

IAFP membership : If you are a member or choose to be a member of The International Association for Food Protection, you may join AIMFES at the same time you join or renew with IAFP.  They will mail your new or renewed dues to your AIMFES treasurer.  Full membership in both the state and national organizations will provide the internationally recognized and acclaimed Journal of Food Protection and/or Food  Protection Trends, as well as AIMFES newletters and program mailings.

Thank you for being a member of AIMFES!